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Landscape Services

NOAT Landscapes & Hardscapes offers all Softscape Services

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  • Sod Installation Includes Preparation, Sod Purchase, Delivery, and Installation

    • We know it's hard to maintain a beautiful turf in our area, especially with all the chemicals and information out there. So in order to set our customers up to maintain their new lawn, we provide a custom complete year round schedule with detailed directions.


  •  Every property is different and needs different levels of preparation, however typically preparation includes:

    • Removal of Old Turf​

    • Tilling

    • Leveling/Grading

    • Addition of Soil Amendment

    • Sod Install


                  Sod Installed by NOAT Landscapes & Hardscapes:

                  Prices Include Preparation, Sod Purchase, Install

  • Zoysia: 

    • Pros

      • Shade Tolerant: Requires 4 hours of intermittent sunlight

      • Drought Tolerant

      • High Salt Tolerance

      • High Traffic Tolerant

    • Cons:

      • Price​

  • Tif Tuf Bermuda: 

    • Pros:

      • High Traffic Tolerance​

      • Full/Part Sun- 5 Hours (Thrives in 7+)

      • High Drought Tolerance

      • Recovers From Damage Quickly

      • Spreads Quickly

    • Cons:

      • Can Spread into Flower Beds

Landscape Bed Installation

This includes the creation of new beds or sprucing up old beds. Typically this involves the removal of unwanted weeds and the addition of a mulch or stone, along with a hand edge or stone edging

Shrubs/Tree/Flower Installation

This includes the Purchase, Delivery, Installation, and a 6 month warranty on most species. 


Jamur Zoysia Sod: Nick of All Trades Landscaping LLC: Wilmington NC
Bermuda: Nick of All Trades Landscaping
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