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Drainage Solutions

NOAT Landscapes & Hardscapes offers Complete Drainage Solutions for your Home or Building

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  • French Drains: Drains that collect rising water and discharge the extra water to a lower area using Gravel, Permeable Fabric, Perforated Pipe, and Solid Pipe.

  • Footer Drains: French Drains on the exterior of the foundation placed next to the properties footer to collect excess rising water and drain it elsewhere away from the home.

    • Foundation is then sealed with Liquid Rubber Foundation Sealant.

  • Downspout Drains: Catch basins below roof downspouts with Solid pipe connected to bring water away from the home beneath the ground.

  • Low Area Drainage: With the use of catch basins and Solid Pipe water can be taken away from low areas and brought elsewhere. 

  • Sump Pump Systems: If gravity is working against the drain design a sump pump is used to push water up slope. These can be used in foundation/footer drains, Wet Basements, as well as low areas that use a catch basin style drain

  • Retaining Walls:  If you are losing your lawn to erosion a retaining Wall can Help. Every retaining wall includes a french drain behind it to move water away!

  • Dry Creek Beds: If you have a stream in your lawn this is typically the only solution. Using decorative large stone and a swell shape we are able to redirect the water while adding a decorative touch to your landscape.


Drainage Design
Downspout Drain Wilmington NC
Downspout Drain Wilmington NC
Downspout Drain Wilmington NC
Downspout Drain Wilmington NC
French Drain Wilmington NC
French Drain Wilmington NC
Downspout Drain Wilmington NC
Beginning of a Downspout Drain Wilmington NC
Downspout Drain Extension
Dry Creek Bed Weston Stone Block Wall
Retaining Wall and Dry Creek Bed.Nick of All Trades Landscaping LLC Hardscaping Raleigh NC
Sump Pump
Footer Drain
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