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  • Nick Veilleux

How to Install a Footer Drain

What is a Footer Drain?

A footer drain is a french drain that is against the foundation footer. Along the a homes footer cracks can form over time and allow water to enter into the crawlspace, garage, or basement. This leads to a tremendous amount of issues including structural, mold, and rot.

Step 1: Preparation

Mark off the area that is showing water intrusion. Excavate the soil on the exterior of the marked off area. Be sure to contact 811 beforehand to get any underground utilities marked off.

Plan where the water will need to drain to, to the street, woods, dry well, or a lower area of the lawn.

You will want to excavate 6" below the footer of the home and 8" wide. The footer can be anywhere from 1"-24" below grade.

Step 2: Apply Liquid Sealant

Clean off the area between the footer and foundation with water and allow to dry. Then apply a Liquid Rubber Sealant along the entire area. Make sure to apply a thick layer and cover all cracks and bumps. You will want to allow it to dry based off manufacturers recommendations.

Step 3: Install the Drain

Lay down a high quality Landscape Fabric and at 2" thick install 3/4" gravel along the entire trench. Lay 4" perforated pipe (We recommend PVC) holes DOWN along the entire trench. Ensure the pipe is next to the footer and not on top of the footer. Then attach Solid PVC pipe where the footer drain will drain to. Cover the Solid pipe with dirt, but encase the footer drain in gravel completely, 2" on either side and 2"-4" on the top. Fold the fabric over and cover with gravel or dirt.

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