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  • Nick Veilleux

How To Properly Install Shrubs and Trees!

Updated: May 16, 2020

Step 1-Location:

Decide where you would like to install a shrub or tree. Once you have an area located you can decide what shrub will suit that area the best. You will have to monitor the area and see how much sun/shade that area gets, as well as how well the soil drains during stormy times.

Step 2-Choosing a Shrub/Tree:

Once you have those figured out you can dive into searching for a shrub. You can easily find information on any shrub online or at your local nursery. Make sure to choose a shrub that can grow in your areas hardiness zone otherwise you could risk the shrubs early death.

You may also want to consider how much space that particular area has so you can account for how often you will have to trim the shrub back or choose to go with a dwarf shrub if it is a small area.

Step 3-Preparing the Area:

Once you have a shrub picked out you will want to find out what soil acidity it grows best in. Most shrubs and trees prefer soil around 6 pH, however every plant is different. When you find out what your particular shrub likes, by doing an at home test or submitting a soil sample to the local extension office you can add the correct nutrients.

Step 4-Picking out the Shrub/Tree:

When picking out your shrub make sure the leaves are healthy, the branches hold sturdy, and there doesn't show any bug damage. Even check by pulling the plant out of the container as some bugs such as fire ants may hide in the root ball. You want to make sure the plant is healthy in order to prevent disease and bugs from spreading to your other plants on your property, as well as prevent an early death of your shrub.

Step 5- Installing the Shrub/Tree:

Start off by bringing over a wheel barrel or bucket to the site and pour a large bag of compost into it. Then continue by digging a hole 2 times larger than the shrubs rootball, shoveling the native soil into the wheel barrel. Keep the hole the same depth as the rootball and then place the shrub in the hole. Make sure to rough up the rootball to encourage the roots to grow! Mix the native soil with the compost and fill in around the shrub, packing the soil down tightly. Add about 2 inches of mulch around the entire shrub leaving an inch gap around the stem of the shrub.

Finally deeply water the shrub in.

Step 6- Enjoy!

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